Sara Fay and the Elementals Book 2: Teachings from Elmoraz and the Elementals Makes Amazon Bestseller

I am excited to share the news about Book 2 making it to Amazon’s bestseller in three categories. I am so grateful for the encouragement and the support!

Learn about the magic of the “Elementals” in the 2nd book, of the series. This is a fun, uplifting, children’s books. The Elementals loving energy nourishes the land, plants, and animals that are found in the Three Elemental Kingdoms. Lord of the Elementals, Elmoraz, and the other Elementals, find our young heroine, Sara Fay, and continue to teach her about The Three Kingdoms and the magical powers they possess. 

In this book, Sara Fay learns about caring for the earth, the power of choices, and the power of listening. Written in rhyme, this touching and inspirational series educates its readers about the importance of nature and calls them to action with engaging quests at the end of the book. Come along and brighten the day with the Elementals and Sara Fay!

Book 2 Available Here


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