Greens, Greens a Magical Food!

Greens, greens you are a magical bunch.

I will eat you for breakfast, dinner and lunch!

Kids, kids eat them all day long.

So they grow up healthy, vital and strong!

You can grow them in a pot or grow them in your yard.

Ask the Elementals for help and it won’t be so hard! 😄

Of course, it is essential your body is able to breakdown and absorb these vital nutrients. How are your HCL, amylase, protease, lipase, acidophilus (SI) bifodobacterium (LI), and gut lining doing? Any toxins, food additives, chemicals,  sugar, stress, lack of sleep, or unhappy thoughts running interference? 😉

Sara Fay and the Elementals book on The Plant Kingdom coming soon. Stay tuned for Book 3: Spritz and The Animal Kingdom available for prerelease April 4th at! 🤗


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