Dear Valued Readers,

Please bear with me through some exciting growing pains. In order to offer my paperback and possibly hardcover books to a larger market, in particular my friends and family in Australia, and to get them into large and small bookstores, like Golden Braid Books here in Salt Lake City, I am starting my own publishing company and expanding distribution beyond the Amazon platform. I will continue working with the talented and passionate team at Elite Online Publishing through this transition as we prepare to launch Book 4: Teelo and The Plant Kingdom in June and Book 5: Quazzie and The Rock Kingdom the end of July. So fun and exciting!

These changes will cause my titles on Amazon to be offline for a couple of days and will erase the reviews. I will send out an email when they are once again available for purchase and ask that you please resubmit your reviews.  Pretty please! 🙂
I apologize for any inconvenience and I am so grateful for your support!
Sara Watchorn
#1 Amazon Bestselling Children’s Author