Only a Few More Days Left to Get 20% OFF on ALL Sara Fay and the Elementals Books & Journals!

Use code: 3FSR9TWK. Thank you for your patience as I transitioned ISBNs and thank you teachers!

Praise for Sara Fay and the Elementals:

Sara Fay introduces us to a new family. Not just the family of man but the family of our whole world and the possibility of our wholeness. She gives children of ANY age a chance to heal through living resonance with our environment creating a safe place to learn about ourselves in empowering relationships. A place of solace and peace. These are books filled with promises of learning and hope and the idea that just being aware of the plant and animal kingdoms that surround us we feel more a part of rather than apart from. Thanks to Sara Fay for her beautiful writings and poetry from the heart. In these books she answers the age-old question asked by Wendell Berry “What Are People For?”-Jay Sharp; teacher, contributor and implementer of Character Strengths. Positive Education With Character Strengths

P.S. I use Zazzle for my products and there is always a discount code! 😃 Enjoy and please share requests for products with your children’s favorite images! 💗


3 thoughts on “Only a Few More Days Left to Get 20% OFF on ALL Sara Fay and the Elementals Books & Journals!

  1. Great message to share ESPECIALLY with children. It is my belief that many SOLUTIONS begin through educating our children. Until the health and education system recognize this, classic diseases will continue to grow and cost our population physically, emotionally and financially.


    1. Thank you. I could not agree more. ☺️ Caring for nature and appreciating its bounty is Lifeskill #1 in my book – and the teens with whom I was so blessed to work wanted this education too! Thank you Dr. J!

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      1. It is truly a pleasure having come across your blog. I look forward to a collaboration that helps children and adults increase awareness of their surroundings and the quality impact in plays on their health and well being.

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