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“Great message to share ESPECIALLY with children. It is my belief that many SOLUTIONS begin through educating our children. Until the health and education system recognize this, classic diseases will continue to grow and cost our population physically, emotionally and financially.”

                                                                                                                        – Dr. Jonathan Colter


“Sara Fay and the Elementals is my first choice in sharing with my fourth grade students! Book 3 is the perfect book to introduce the animal kingdoms, food chains and food webs when we study environments. Sara Fay is a lovely character who has an infectious excitement for learning about her surroundings. The Elementals are unique characters that help her along the way. My students and I love to research animals in Utah’s three different environments. The Quest for this book aligns with Utah’s Common Core Standard 5 where we explore the interactions between animal and plants and ways to protect Utah’s endangered plants and animals.  

The author, Sara Watchorn, also has a wonderful Journal for children to express their thoughts about their surroundings as well as a fun “Gratitude Bank” to keep notes of thankfulness and gratefulness. Quests, Gripes and Gratitude Journal has wonderful writing prompts for our young students exploring our great big world.”

                                                                                                   – Karen Oliver, 4th grade teacher


“Sara Fay introduces us to a new family.  Not just the family of man but the family of our whole world and the possibility of our wholeness.  She gives children of ANY age a chance to heal through living resonance with our environment creating a safe place to learn about ourselves in empowering relationships.  A place of solace and peace.  These are books filled with promises of learning and hope and the idea that just being aware of the plant and animal kingdoms that surround us we feel more a part of rather than apart from.  Thanks to Sara Fay for her beautiful writings and poetry from the heart.  In these books she answers the age-old question asked by Wendell Berry “What Are People For?”.  

– Jay Sharp; teacher, developer and implementer of Character Strengths. Positive Education With Character Strengths

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Available for .99 Cents Today on Amazon and Amazon Smile.


Psylphs/Sylphs: Air Elementals

In my mind’s eye, the word appears psylphs, although, the traditional spelling is sylphs. They are the Air Elementals. Songs of the Psylphs is currently flooding my mind and consciousness and you will likely see it expanded into one of the Sara Fay and the Elementals Series. As of this writing, I have only once beheld a beautiful reflective shimmer that I have come to know as a sylph. It appeared like light reflecting off of the water. I could not find any source that would have caused such an illumination. It makes me chuckle because it was the same morning I learned of Archangel Ariel. I had and still have very little experience with angels, but, that morning during meditation it felt as if something was attempting to come through. I wrote down the name Ariel. When I googled Ariel I discovered Archangel Ariel is described as the Lion or Lioness of God; the protector of plants, animals and the natural world. Having only recently begun to remember the Elemental Kingdom, it was even more amusing for me to read that Archangel Ariel also facilitates communication with Elementals. My partner suggested maybe I just like the name Ariel. To me, it is far more than coincidence. 😉

As you watch this meditative clip, I invite you to release fear, anger, preoccupations, and dense energies. Allow them to be transmuted and replaced by gratitude. Send love skyward to the sylphs so they may be supported in their work. Their work includes bringing Heaven to Earth and clearing the space all around. As light is illumination, they assist in bringing illumination from the heavens to earth. They also nourish plants with sunlight.

Love, Light & Joy!






Becoming My Own Publishing Company to Expand Distribution of Sara Fay and the Elementals Children’s Book Series!

Dear Valued Readers,

Please bear with me through some exciting growing pains. In order to offer my paperback and possibly hardcover books to a larger market, in particular my friends and family in Australia, and to get them into large and small bookstores, like Golden Braid Books here in Salt Lake City, I am starting my own publishing company and expanding distribution beyond the Amazon platform. I will continue working with the talented and passionate team at Elite Online Publishing through this transition as we prepare to launch Book 4: Teelo and The Plant Kingdom in June and Book 5: Quazzie and The Rock Kingdom the end of July. So fun and exciting!

These changes will cause my titles on Amazon to be offline for a couple of days and will erase the reviews. I will send out an email when they are once again available for purchase and ask that you please resubmit your reviews.  Pretty please! 🙂
I apologize for any inconvenience and I am so grateful for your support!
Sara Watchorn
#1 Amazon Bestselling Children’s Author

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What gifts The Plant Kingdom has to offer! Keep an eye out for Sara Fay and the Elementals: Book 4: Teelo and The Plant Kingdom set for release early June. 🌼

Treasured Feedback from a Young Reader. We are so Grateful. ❤️

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This is an amazing gift the Elementals and I received this morning from this light filled little girl and her mother! Thank you so much! 💖 What a great idea! Let’s go smell flowers with The Elementals and Sara Fay! 😄

Sara Fay and the Elementals: Book 3: Spritz and The Animal Kingdom Soft Cover Release Countdown.

What better timing than being released on Earth Day?

Remember, it is available in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

I hope you and your children enjoy your adventures with Elmoraz, Spritz and The Elementals!

Sara Fay and the Elementals: Book 3: Spritz and The Animal Kingdom Available for pre-release TODAY April 4th for Your Kindle only $0.99 in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia!

I’m happy to announce: Book 3: Spritz and the Animal Kingdom is here! Today Only .99 cents for your Kindle! 

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Sara Fay and the Elementals: Book 3: Spritz and The Animal Kingdom is being pre-released on Amazon April 4th!

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