Honored to Have Sara Fay and the Elementals: Book 4: Teelo and The Plant Kingdom Reach #1 in 5 Categories on Amazon ❣️

Thank you so much everyone!

Wishing you loving and open hearts ready to receive many blessings from the Elementals and the natural world. You may also receive a joke or two and find your relationship strengthened with Nature Spirits through offering gifts of gratitude, loving words, and acting respectfully. 😄💖🌟

My friends, you are never alone. The light of the Elementals surrounds us even after we are grown!

Love, Light & Blessings,



Sara Fay and the Elementals: Book 4: Teelo and The Plant Kingdom EBook Online Launch Party June, 6th 2017! 💖🌿


I really enjoyed writing Book 4: Teelo and The Plant Kingdom. It is unbelievable to me how much I have learned and how profoundly I have been affected; the wisdom, the comfort, and the grounding of old growth trees. Bristlecone pines live for thousands of years through harsh conditions yet they do not judge or complain. They beautifully express their divine plan every moment of every day for thousands of years with such presence. Aspens invited me, as they do for us all, into their family. Even the lilac bush in my backyard brought me comfort during a restless night. This may not make sense to our consciousness mind so set it aside and feel with your heart. I know you know even if you do not think you do! 😉💞 

Thank you Elementals and everyone who sees, appreciates, and is open to the incredible divine power that comes from nature! 💖🙏😇

Love, Light & Blessings,

Sara and The Elementals